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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  March 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a break in most of the rainú activity.ú we will see that throughout theú next couple of hours before itú starts up again.ú here's a look right now at liveú doppler 7 hd.ú you will notice some showersú offshore near half moon bay, buú much of the bay area has driedú out, except for the north bay.ú here we are up towardú cloverdale.ú highway 101.ú and the colder air has moved onú in behind the system, which is,ú look it, it's eventually andú slowly pushing off to the east.ú that's got news.ú but not only did it dropú generous amounts of rain, thereú still is a little more to come.ú so nearly an inch and a half inú san francisco.ú an inch and a third in redwoodú city.ú so we will talk about the taleú end of this system.ú another wet weather maker forú midweek.ú when will it feel like spring?ú carolyn.ú >> you should get prepared forú all the usual traffic incidentsú that come with the wet roads.ú you might run into places whereú water is pooling.ú overnight the chp reportedú
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floodling there was a fatalú crash in san pablo last night.ú >> it happened in an instantú right before 7:00 p.m.ú avalanche.ú the s.u.v. crashed into a poleú on san pablo avalanche that wasú holding up the street light atú the intersection of tara hillsú drive.ú the woman in the passenger seatú was killed.ú she did have on her seatbelt.ú the man driving was taken to thú hospital with serious injuries.ú a chp sergeant at the scene saiú the crash is being investigatedú as a possible dui.ú the chp said speed and the rainú weather appear to be factors onú this drive on high which 101ú north.ú a driver states she wasú rear-ended by a red pickup trucú near the paradise drive exit.ú she hit the center divider andú ran across all the lanes ofú traffic into the shoulder.ú he had a minor head injury.ú water was pooling in the usualú places near sir francis drakeú boulevard as the afternoon woreú on, creating tricky drivingú situations.ú
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and hillsberg a few trees landeú on utility lines, not far fromú where a tree landed on a homeú about two weeks ago.ú this time the transformerú sparked, but there was noú serious damage.ú john austin, abc7 news.ú >> take a look at this accidentú in pleasant hill.ú rain and alcohol may haveú contributed to this accident inú pleasant hill.ú police say a female driver wasú traveling on contra costaú boulevard around 7:00 last nighú and suddenly veered off theú road, hit another car, andú landed on top of a fire hydrantú she tested over the limit forú blood alcohol content and hasú been arrested.ú people heading toú cirque du soleil in the southú bay had to break out theú umbrellas before the showú yesterday.ú some of the heaviest rain fellú in the santa cruz mountains.ú >> pga crews are trying toú determine the cause after powerú outage in san francisco's marinú district.ú a spokesman for the utility saiú the lights went out around 3:00ú
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this morning for 5300 homes andú businesses clear lombard andú fillmore streets.ú he is declining to speculate onú what caused the outage or whenú the power might be restored.ú in other news this morning,ú san francisco detectivesú continue to carefully gatherú evidence from a horrific crimeú scene in the ingelside districtú it's where four family membersú and a friend were found deadú inside a home.ú that was friday morning.ú we have the update.ú p>> reporter: the crime sceneú tape still surrounds the houseú where the killings of fiveú people took place.ú the investigators were forced tú come back again due to the scopú of the murder scene and theú number of victims.ú >> inside a residents when youú have five victims, we don't knoú what belongs there and whatú doesn't belong there so it's aú very slow, methodical process.ú >> investigators combed throughú the homes looking for moreú evidence and clues as to why anú how it happened.ú woman who discovered the sceneú said four of the victims wereú her family and the fifth personú was apparently a friend.ú
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the scene inside was so gruesomú a cause of death for all theú victims was not easily apparentú >> we still have to work withú the medical examiner's officeú and rely on them for the causeú of death before we can beú absolutely sure what occurred iú this residence.ú >> todd is a coworker and frienú of ying who owns the home.ú he left she's flowers.ú she can't believe she's aú victim.ú >> a real sweet person.ú one.ú nicest persons you ever want toú meet.ú >> police said vincent yi, whoú lived here was a gang member ofú a chinatown gang years ago.ú he said this was not a randomú act.ú people were specificallyú targeted."ú the reason is not known.ú >> there is not a murder on theú lose that we are concerned forú the residents and people ofú san francisco.ú >> they said residents deserveú answers and peace of mind.ú >> we want closure.ú we don't want it to linger outú there and never know whatú happens as an outcome.ú >> police still aren't revealinú what the causes of death are,ú
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whether or not they found aú weapon and whether or not theyú are still searching for aú killer.ú we hope to have some of thoseú answers soon.ú i'm tomas roman, apc7 news.ú >> another community vigil forú missing teenager sierra lamar iú planned tonight at six in morgaú hill.ú there's been an outpouring ofú support for the 15-year-old whoú disappeared a week ago fridayú walking to her school bus stop.ú yesterday in santa clara countyú more than 90 people, includingú the fib, scoured a twelve-mileú area near sierra's home inú morgan hill.ú she went missing a week agoú friday.ú investigators found her cellú phone and then her purse withú some clothes inside, but thereú is still no sign of theú 15-year-old girl.ú >> you are looking to see ifú things are out of place, ifú things changed lately, and theyú become indicators to do aú further investigation and seeú what's there.ú >> now investigators are worrieú the rain could wash awayú
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valuable clues that might helpú them find sierra.ú >> 27-year-old joseph mchenry oú san bruno has been missing sincú march 25th.ú he told friends he was goingú rock climbing and campingú overnight near morey point.ú several searched that, one saidú it's a military code neverú leaving a brother in armsú >> we really can't accept himú being just missing.ú so maybe we are foolish, veryú likely we are, we've got to finú something.ú we can't do nothing.ú >> mchenry's backpack was foundú on a secluded beach shortlyú after he disappeared and his caú was found at shark park golfú course.ú later today the wife ofú san francisco's suspendedú sheriff ross mirkarimi isú heading back to venezuela.ú ms. lopez and the couple's sonú will leave to visit her sick daú who had a recent recurrence ofú cancer and is now undergoingú chemotherapy.ú
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the month-long trip was approveú by a family court judge.ú last month he pleaded guilty toú a misdemeanor count of falseú imprisonment.ú on wednesday he was suspendedú without pay by mayor ed lee whoú wants him out of office.ú the initial charges stem from aú argument prosecutors say starteú over lopez's desire to takeú their son to venezuela.ú up next, a shocking newú details in that afghanistanú massacre.ú why some believe the armyú sergeant may have taken a breakú in the middle of that deadlyú rampage.ú and a sharp warning fromú president obama for north koreaú after the country announcesú plans for a long range rocketú áááááááááááááááááááááááú
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>> american officialsú investigating the killing of 17ú afghan civilians two weeks agoú now say the attack was splitú into two episodes by a u.s. armú staff sargeant charged with theú murders.ú officials now believe sergeantú robert bales returned to hisú base after the first attack,ú then slipped away afterwards toú kill more afghan villagers.ú that scenario would support theú u.s. government's claim that thú attack was committed by oneú person.ú bales is being held at fortú leavenworth, kansas.ú
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north korea moved aú long-range rocket to a launchú site with plans to deploy itú next month calling it a peacefuú space movement.ú but others say it amounts to thú test of a missile system capablú of reaching the u.s. west coastú in 2009 north korea launched aú similar missile which fell intoú the pacific ocean.ú that was met with swiftú sanctions imposed on north koreú by the united nations securityú council.ú the u.s. is warning that anotheú launch would violate aú moratorium on missile andú nuclear testing and end a u.s.ú food aid to the north.ú that is a major topic forú president obama, who is now inú south korea.ú at a news conference thisú morning he said north korea wilú achieve nothing by threats orú provocations.ú he spoke after meeting privatelú with south korea's president.ú both leaders promiseú consequences if the north goesú through with another launch.ú this morning rick santorumú is celebrating a victory inú louisiana's presidentialú
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primary last night.ú santorum won big, backed byú conservatives and blue collarú voters, easily beating mittú romney and newt gingrich.ú an unofficial count showsú santorum with 47% of the vote tú romney's 37%.ú >> the people sent a loud andú clear message, this race is lonú and far from over, and theú people of wisconsin, i just sayú to you, on wisconsin, let's getú it done!ú thank you.ú [applause]ú >> wisconsin is the next stop.ú last night's louisiana's victorú gives santorum bragging rightsú and ten more delegates, but heú still needs to overcome romney'ú sizable lead to clinch theú nomination.ú the next primaries are marylandú washington d.c. and wisconsin.ú >> lisa is back from checkingú out the computer models.ú she's ready to tell you what isú coming up.ú >> it's the busiest it's withinú all winter long and it's notú
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even winter anymore.ú we have a nice break around theú bay right now with cloudy skiesú except if you are watching usú from cloverdale, santa rosa.ú light rain to the north.ú snow in the mountains and moreú of everything to come.ú i will detail the forecastú coming up.ú >> good deal.ú also coming up, a must-win gameú for the sharks, as they chaseú phoenix for the eighth and finaú playoff spot.ú mike shumann has the highlightsú coming up in sports. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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rain and wind would intensifyú overnight and they certainlyúú did.úight and they certainlyúú >> thank you.úthey certainlyúú >> i would like to point out yoú were correct.úe to point out yoú >> it really did pick up lastúoú night.úeally did pick up lastúoú we have a little break outústúoú there.ú a little break outústúoú which is good, it was aúutústúoú marathon.úood, it was aúutústúoú we've had a lot of rain, mainlyú most areas, most neighbors fromú san francisco south, north bay,ú had over an inch or close toú that.ú we will show you the totals in ú minute.ú
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drive pavement confirms it isú here in the sacramento valley.ú right over the bay we areú enjoying the break.ú santa rosa, cloverdale, upú toward windsor and clear lake,ú not only the light rain but colú air in someplace some higherú elevation snow.ú that's going to be in theú forecast for the rest of the baú area today.ú we've seen some snow, mt. diablú and mount hamilton.ú santa cruz, and temperatures arú chili.ú 42 livermore, 47 half moon bay.ú the warm spot 43 in fremont.ú the winds have light ended up.ú we are talking about a fewú showers this morning.ú and by this afternoon we willú see more unstable arrowhead ourú way.ú a chance affeldt thunderstorm.ú a break tomorrow.ú more rain tuesday intoú wednesday.ú this system will be moreú moderate rain.ú this system took a long timeú coming for the peninsula, theú south bay, and it was very lighú rain to start out.ú but now a little kicker movingú through.ú another trough pushing theú
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activity into the sacramentoú valley.ú there's the low.ú it continues to sink to theú south.ú here are the totals that i talkú about.ú over an in inch oakland.ú san francisco upwards of an incú and a half.ú in and a third redwood city.ú look at hayward.ú over .8.ú and .75 in san jose.ú livermore and concord gettingú into the act.ú we are definitely needing theú rain.ú about 50% of normal in someú spots except for santa cruz andú mountain view, only 30% ofú normal.ú there's the moisture.ú pretty soggy for much of theú west coast.ú for today, as this continues toú sink south on the heels of itú will be another weak trough.ú that's going to allow forú instigating more showers thisú afternoon.ú here's our break right onú through the 10:00 hour.ú then by, say, 11:00, 12:00, morú rain continues to sink into theú north bay, the peninsula andú even the east bay.ú through the afternoon with thatú heating could see someú downpours.ú maybe a little hail embedded inú a thunderstorm.ú but as the sun sets, conditionsú
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quickly quiet and we will lookú for just a little more snowú through 5:00 this evening withú the winter weather advisory.ú 2 to 4 inches here with gustyú winds t really feels likeú winter.ú in fact our brief break tomorroú will be welcomed after a drearyú day today with some on and offú showers.ú breezy, low to mid-50s.ú also along the central coast.ú even the chance of more rainú here.ú here's the look ahead.ú our break and then the rainú comes n the afternoon onú tuesday.ú it's going to be a rainy day onú wednesday.ú look at the temperatures.ú we are trying to warm up.ú but you notice that we stillú could have some rain thursdayú into friday.ú still model discrepancy canú bring us rain next weekend aú little bit.ú >> it's that time of the year.ú >> we eventually have to get ouú of this pattern.ú so we will.ú >> all right.ú look forward to that.ú thank you, lisa: you knowú coming up at 7:00 right afterú our newscast is good morningú america.ú
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we are joined live from new yorú to tell us what is coming up.ú good morning.ú >> good morning to you, carolynú we will begin with the breakingú news overnight.ú former vice president dickú cheney gets a heart transplant.ú he's recovering this morning.ú he was waiting for a couple ofú years for the transplant.ú but a lot of people are askingú this morning, at 71 is he tooú old to be receiving a new heartú should it have gone to somethinú younger?ú we have a doctor here to talk uú through the details there.ú also george zimmerman's lawyerú and legal advisor and a friendú are live here onset.ú they are going to be speakingú out about this controversy.ú obviously he's the man whoú gunned down trayvon martin.ú now the 911 tapes we are goingú to play for you, is there screaú in the background and is thatú george zimmerman who wasú screaming?ú we will bring you up-to-date onú that with the live zimmerman.ú back to court for anú internationally renownú supermodel who is now trying toú defend herself.ú she's accused of running a drugú
6:21 am
ring, breaking down, begging foú bail.ú new details on her life and thiú bizarre story coming up.ú you think of the queen beingú league gal, always followingú protocol.ú you wouldn't think she was crasú a wedding, but she did justú that.ú a lucky couple had actuallyú invited her to their wedding,ú assuming, of course, that sheú would never come.ú as you see, she's there.ú she came with prince philip.ú that is definitely one for theú record books.ú how do you top that when yourú other friends are gettingú married?ú you can say well, i had theú queen of england come to myú wedding.ú >> the pictures, wow.ú >> a surprising response andú caught them all off-guard asú wellú >> there she is with the hat anú the purse and the whole nineú yards.ú >> she looks great, yeah.ú she can come to my wedding.ú >> quite a present.ú thank you, bianna.ú we will look for you at seven.ú right now we will check outú sports.ú kentucky battles baylor andú
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north carolina and kansas meet.ú the winners earn the last fewú spots in the final four ever thú ncaa tournament.ú last night stanford was hopingú to advance to the elite 8 in thú women's ncaa tournament.ú here is sioux with theú highlights.ú good morning.ú well, the stanford women ofú looking to get to their fifthú straight final four, with southú carolina in their way at theú fresno region.ú vanderveer hugging southú carolina's staley, who playedú for her on the u.s. olympicú team.ú >> neck adominating early.ú 20 before the half.ú before the half, the prayer froú downtown.ú banks it in at the buzzer.ú the gamecocks within three butú the ogwumikes rise and shenayú splits the double-team.ú nneka stole the show.ú 39 points, 10 boards.ñiú stanford wins 76-06.ú next up, duke on monday for aú trip to the final four.ú
6:23 am
rick pitino coached billyú donovan as a player atú providence and they coachedú together at connecticut.ú -- at kentucky.ú yesterday they faced off in theú elite 8.ú the student had his teacher onú the ropes early.ú kenny from downtown.ú florida up 8 at the half.ú second half gators on the breakú irvin walker to patrick young.ú big spike.ú gators up 8 with 12 minutesú left.ú cardinals finish on a 28-3 run.ú shane gets it to fall.ú game tied at 66.ú a minute left.ú same guy for the lead.ú got it!ú 17 for shane.ú rick pitino and the cardinalsú are going back to the final fouú at louisville knocks offú florida, 72-68.ú syracuse had their hands fullú with ohio state.ú game tied at 29 at the half.ú after foul trouble early, jaredú sullinger and ohio state roll.ú 19 points, 7 boards forú sullinger.ú ohio state final four boundú after the victory.ú
6:24 am
>> well, the warriors are goingú with a youth movement and it isú paying off.ú speaking of paying off how abouú the fan from half-court.ú money.ú mr. ortega, a fan, wins $10,000ú wow.ú klay thompson on fire early.ú 7 of 10 from the field.ú 21 of his career high 31 pointsú at the half.ú warriors up 11 per gallon breakú demarcus cousins closes theú gap in the third.ú 28 points, 18 boards.ú the lawyers counter.ú david lee, a great feed fromú jenkins.ú 22 points, 14 boards.ú 9 assists.ú the warriors win it 111-108.ú well, the sharks are two pointsú behind phoenix for the eighthú and final playoff spot in theú west.ú last night's game a must-win.ú the sharks showing theirú frustration early.ú first period joe thornton theú steal.ú the feed to marleau.ú 28th goal of the year.ú ties the game at 1.ú they go up 2-1, then derekú morris gets it past anti niemmiú we are tied at two.ú fast forward to a shootout.ú tied at 3.ú the sharks win 4-3.ú
6:25 am
they are in a three-way tie forú the eighth and final playoffú spot in the west.ú >> the last time eager woods haú a lead in a golf tournamentú going into the last weekend wasú 2009.ú he's atop forecast leaderboard.ú the eagle put on 4.ú can't get it to fall but tigerú birdies to take the outrightú lead.ú go to 15.ú tiger a three stroke lead.ú a three with stinger goes wayú left.ú when you drop a club, that's noú good.ú out-of-bounds.ú tiger double bogeys the hole anú opens the door for mcdowell.ú he has a share of the lead onú 14.ú mcdowell at 71, trails tigerú by one stroke heading intoú today's final round.ú that's the way the ball bouncesú i'm mike shumann.ú i'll see you again at five.ú have a great day be.ú >> up next, new details bat manú -- details about the man whoú shot trayvon martin to death anú
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cause protestors across
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there is growing outrage overú theúe is growing outrage overú death of florida teenagerúverú trayvon martin.ú teenagerúverú in some bay area churches thisú morning ministers will tradeúsú their robes for hoodies, theúsú kind of sweatshirt the teenagerú was wearing when he was killed.ú yesterday people again ralliedúú all over the nation, calling foú the arrest of neighborhood watcú captain george zimmerman, whoúcú shot the unarmed teen.úne.ú abc's matt has the latest.ú >> exclusive new details aboutú george zimmerman, the man whoú shot trayvon martin andú unleashed protests across theú country.ú his legal advisor said he knowsú zimmerman's whereabouts.ú >> he's received numerous phoneú calls threatening him.ú >> but he remains in deepú hiding, dogged by death threatsú said his attorney whoú represented him for two weeks.ú >> i think he fears for his lifú and i think rightfully so.ú >> the black panthers have put ú $10,000 bounty for his capture.ú
6:30 am
demonstrators across theú country, from high schoolú students to celebritiesú to the entire miami heat teamú and people across the entireú clamoring for his arrest.ú >> facts will come out and itú will show that mr. zimmerman waú acting in self-defense.ú >> a black friend of the familyú who spoke to zimmerman tonightú tells abc news that theseú calls --ú >> maybe both, i'm not sure.ú there was someone screamingú outside.ú >> which galvanized the nation,ú came fromú zimmerman, not martin.ú an eyewitness who saw it allú unfold that night told abc newsú exclusively that martin was onú top of zimmerman, who wasú screaming for help.ú for the first time since theú shooting, zimmerman's voice, aú message left on friend's frankú task's voicemail.ú >> i appreciate it.ú and you are truly setting anú example for me for the future oú doing the right thing.ú you don't -- i appreciate it.ú talk to you soon.ú thanks.ú >> his legal advisor saidú zimmerman may invoke theú controversial stand your groundú
6:31 am
law which offers tremendouslyú leeway to use deadly force forú anybody who feels threatened.ú matt gutman, abc news, florida.ú >> the allen temple baptistú church in oakland is among thosú inviting families to wearú hoodies this morning inú trayvon's memory at services atú 8:00 and 11:15.ú this morning at 11:00 our timeú pope benedict will hold an openú air mass in a tiny town inú mexico.ú it will take place in the shadoú of one of mexico's mostú important symbols.ú the 27-foot monument of christú with outstretched arms.ú it is a symbol of the 1926ú uprising by roman catholicsú against anti-clerical laws ofú the time, which prohibited theú kind of open air masses popeú benedict will hold in just a feú hours.ú abc's news is in mexico whereú excitement is building.ú
6:32 am
last night people packing theú streets, balconies and rooftopsú to wave to the pope when heú arrived with a meeting withú mexico's president, felipeú calderon.ú >> you would think these teensú were chanting for a pop star,ú but it's at 84-year-old pontiffú they are cheering for.ú the group of highschoolers cameú from monterey, mexico, hoping tú see pope benedict xvi, the manú she say is their leader and rolú model.ú >> i am very excited.ú i know what i will do when i seú him.ú >> they are among the hundredsú of thousand who descended on thú small town hoping to catch aú glimpse of the pope as heú arrived for a meeting with theú mexican president and later witú a group of children from a locaú church.ú also in the midst of theú excitement, los angeles residenú and her friend on a trip to seeú the pontiff.ú >> it's incredible to know weú could travel so close becauseú it's relatively close to theú united states and be hereú amongst people of great faith.ú >> i just want to see him beú with the children.ú i think that's great for him toú be a message for the children.ú
6:33 am
>> not far away, at buyú bicentennial park, people beganú arriving in the early morningú prepared to spend the night inú anticipation ever sunday massú with the pope.ú getting in hasn't been easy.ú national security surrounds theú park.ú there are dozens of vehicleú checkpoints, and armed patrolsú stand guard in the hills above.ú >> security is so tight policeú are checking all of the bagsú that people are bringing in toú bicentennial park.ú these folks here, they have beeú waiting four hours to getú inside.ú >> it's been a long wait.ú what did you bring to camp out?ú it's going to be a long night.ú >> i just brought a cover andú myself and that's it.ú and a bottle of water.ú >> no food?ú >> no food.ú we will see what happens.ú >> that's right.ú people don't seem to be bothereú at all by the prospect ofú spending the night outdoors.ú while it's still warm now,ú temperatures are expected toú drop to the 50s.ú but i'll tell you, even fromú this checkpoint outside the parú i can hear the cheering andú chanting from inside.ú
6:34 am
in the park, abc7 news.ú this morning at 7:30 someú 9,000 runners from around theú globe and around the u.s. willú take part in oakland's thirdú annual running festival.ú this is video from the premiereú event two years ago.ú this year the start and finishú line are in one spot in snowú park near lake merit.ú the festival begins with theú full marathon and a four-personú team relay.ú there will also be a 5k race, aú half-marathon and a fun run.ú in its first two years the evenú generated nearly $5 million inú economic activity for oakland,ú while raising half a millionú dollars for charity and alsoú putting the city on a very niceú display.ú >> in addition to the runners,ú lots of spectators out there.ú are they going to be rained on?ú >> this morning there will be aú brake.ú most of the activity will beú dry.ú look at this.ú we have a little bit of a breezú out there, and you can see thatú the clouds are trying to breakú up a little bit.ú will they be successful?ú will we see more rain?ú
6:35 am
well, yes and no.ú stay tuned.ú i will have the details on stilú a wintry looking week ahead.ú >> now that's a tees.ú also ahead, the jericho projectú where felons break down theú úalls of crime,ú
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6:38 am
>> wondering how we are doingú with the rainfall totals.ú >> some 30% of normal andú everyone else about 50%.ú not great.ú yesterday's inch in most areasú helped.ú another inch perhaps onú wednesday.ú so, yeah, it's going to be one.ú those weeks where you are goingú to need the umbrella and maybe ú few peaks of sun today andú tomorrow.ú then unsettled.ú heavenly, and blue canadianú reporting snow at 32 degreesú with fog.ú tahoe valley airport 38, partlyú cloudy conditions.ú we have a little bit of rainú across the central coast atú home.ú also a break to talk about forú the first portion of the day.ú julymer a couple of hours of drú weather before we get back intoú a more active system.ú
6:39 am
a thunderstorm with embeddedú hail later on today.ú here's a three hour loop.ú you look how the rain continuesú to push through the northernú sacramento valley andú san joaquin valley.ú also cold air mr. place allowinú for a rain-snow mix around mounú hamilton and mt. diablo.ú here we are in the north bay.ú some areas around cloverdale anú cob mountain, some rain and snoú there.ú further south around ben lomenú and santa cruz, still showerú activity.ú we will see more shower activitú throughout the mid-afternoon, 4ú fremont as well as redwood cityú good morning, los gatos.ú 43 for you.ú a chance of a thunderstorm thisú afternoon as we finally get thiú system to the east of us.ú we need a little bit afterú kicker.ú stalled out over us last night.ú kicker is a trough that willú help to destabilize theú atmosphere.ú another system quickly on itsú heels.ú it's wetter and stronger andú
6:40 am
windier for tuesday andú wednesday.ú so here's a look at the rainú pushing off to our east.ú and later on today with a littlú bit of heating we could seeú maybe a couple hundreds again.ú oakland over an inch.ú inch and a third redwood city.ú two inches ben lomen.ú half moon bay over an inch andú concord and livermore upwards oú nearly an inch of rain.ú we haven't seen that all winterú long.ú there's the system.ú was it just a slow mover.ú and still kind of sluggish.ú have to have that systemú upstream, push it on out of herú and with it the possibility ofú more rain this afternoon.ú here's the way it will play outú throughout the morning.ú notice by 8:00 we are stillú looking at a little quietú conditions here, but by 11:00,ú 12:00, some afternoon heating.ú and we've got more rain.ú from the north bay, the east paú valleys, the santa cruzú mountains.ú but as that sun begins to set,ú
6:41 am
things really quiet down.ú 2 do 4 inches of snow perhapsú above 5,000 feet.ú that's until 5:00 this afternooú with the winner weather advisorú in the sierra.ú another cool and breezy dayú today with some rain.ú 53 concord.ú 55 in fremont.ú so we are just talking a coupleú hundred dreads here.ú dry tomorrow.ú steady rain comes back later onú tuesday, all day wednesday, theú maybe a break, maybe.ú >> maybe.ú so if you have things you needú to do tomorrow, cleaning theú gutters or things you neglectedú tomorrow is the day to do it?ú >> yes.ú >> thank you, lisa.ú >> in san mateo county there isú a little known but highlyú successful recovery program.ú it's for felons who want toú rebuild their lives.ú abc7's vic lee takes us insideú the walls of the jerichoú
6:42 am
project.ú tired of being a dirt bag.ú >> tired of being a dirt bag?ú a dirt bag based on what?ú how many guys, you know, claimú that title, dirt bag?ú >> jericho founder, chuck, hisú counseling meetings are brutallú honest.ú >> so if you are going to stopú using and you are going to stopú stealing, you have to supportú yourself, right?ú >> yes, sir.ú >> so that means you are goingú to go to work, correct?ú >> yes, sir.ú >> he started his program afterú coming out of prison almost twoú decades ago.ú almost all of the 100 men hereú are referred by the courts andú probation officers.ú there are former gang membersú and drug users.ú all are being given anotherú chance at life.ú like many recovery programs,ú there's a high washout rate.ú but for those who stay, the oddú of success are great.ú >> the 40% that complete theú program have a very highú percentage of long-term successú 25, 30%.ú they remain clean and don'tú offend again.ú >> compare that to the nationalú success rate of only 2% forú long-term recovery.ú
6:43 am
>> the first time you cooked?ú >> yes, sir.ú yes, sir.ú >> one of the many things youú have learned here, huh?ú >> yes, sir.ú lots of things we learn here.ú >> miguel gonzales is cookingú for his roommates at one of theú boardinghouses.ú they are given chores, taughtú basic skills like foldingú clothes and making beds whichú they have learn to doú meticulously.ú their drawers are neat andú orderly.ú everything is a life lesson.ú >> we start with drawers andú work our way up from there.ú like he said, if you can't keepú your drawers straight how areú you going to keep your lifeú straight?ú the regimen here is highlyú structured, just like theú military.ú >> many of these men have notú had structure in their life, noú purpose, no direction.ú so we provide that and theyú respond to it.ú >> another thing these men neveú had, job skills.ú that's the centerpiece of theú jericho project.ú >> if somebody wants to stopú using and stop the criminalú behavior, stop stealing and getú their life together, it meansú they are going to go to work.ú and a lot of programs don'tú
6:44 am
address that issue.ú >> the job training classroomsú are held in a large warehouse,ú which serves as a the program'sú offices and training facility.ú >> calloway.ú >> how did the framing go?ú >> it went good.ú finished it all.ú got started on two of them.ú >> i think it looks great.ú >> like the rest of the staff,ú damon is a graduate of jericho.ú he is now in charge of theú construction and warehousingú training program.ú >> everything we do is focusedú on helping our men developú legitimate self-esteem.ú i think that a purpose and aú purpose that results inú self-esteem is the key.ú >> students here are learning tú be plumbers.ú those in the class next to themú are being trained to becomeú electricians.ú mr. alyn is an eager student.ú he said jericho change the hisú life.ú >> i didn't know what to do inú my life so i started gangbanginú and doing crimes.ú
6:45 am
doing drugs.ú i came here and i'm pursuingú becoming an electrician.ú >> like the name of the projectú jericho, these men are breakingú down their own walls.ú the walls of crime andú addiction.ú vic lee, abc7 news.ú >> the jericho project is fundeú through corporate sponsorships.ú you will find a link on ourú website.ú under see it on tvú don't go away.ú 7 on your side is next.ú >> what will your car's extendeú warranty really cover?ú i'm michael finney.ú ú on your side is coming up.ú
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6:48 am
>> taking your car in forú repairs can be nerve-racking.ú what are they going to find?ú what is it going to cost?ú some folks rely on extendedú warranties, but are theyú reliable?ú here is 7 on your side michaelú finney with the story.ú >> the heat on the back feels sú good.ú >> marsha isn't talking about aú hot tub or heating pad.ú these she's talking about herú old lincoln.ú it has heated seats which areú more than a luxury.ú for marsha they make drivingú bearable.ú >> it seems silly, but if youú have arthritis, that heated seaú feels so good.ú >> one day the seats didn't warú
6:49 am
up.ú but her arthritis was acting upú so she drove to the ford dealerú to get the heater fixed.ú a costly job, but she has anú extended warranty coveringú everything she could think of.ú >> it was very frustrating.ú >> here is why.ú the dealer said the heatingú system needed two parts and theú warranty covers only one ofú them.ú marsha would have to fork overú $500 for the other part.ú >> it didn't make sense.ú either you fix the heated seatú if it goes out or you don't fixú it.ú >> she examined all the tinyú print in the warranty.ú it didn't say heated seats areú covered, but it didn't say theyú are not covered either.ú >> which sort of leaves you inú limbo.ú is it covered or is it notú covered?ú marsha said she paid $2,000 forú the premium care warrantyú because her car was getting oldú and she figured it would coverú most any malfunction.ú >> i got absolutely nowhere witú
6:50 am
them.ú just the run-around.ú >> finally she contacted 7 onú your side and we looked at theú tiny print too.ú we found this clause saying allú failures are covered except forú those excluded items.ú we didn't see any heating amongú the exclusions.ú so we contacted ford and it saiú the dealer had made a mistake iú ordering parts.ú it turns out both components arú covered after all.ú ford telling us after furtherú review the dealer determinedú that the second component wasú covered under the warranty andú the repair is now complete.ú now marsha has her hot seatsú back.ú >> feels good.ú >> and driving is bearable onceú again.ú >> i was very grateful.ú i got the results that i wantedú so i was very happy.ú >> before you buy an extendedú warranty, read it carefully.ú even if the fine print isú extremely long.ú the state department ofú insurance puts out a detailedú guide for how to buy anú automobile service contract.ú i posted a link on our websiteú atú
6:51 am
i'm michael finney, 7 on yourú side.ú >> coming up next, fashionú designer jéan-paul talks to ourú don sanchez about his newú exhibit in san francisco.
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>> check out the winning numberú from last night's super lottoúrú plus.úast night's super lottoúrú the mega-number 25.úper lottoúrú no one got all six numbers.úoúrú wednesday night's jackpot isúúrú estimated at $15 million.úisúúrú of course, there's a much biggeú buzz about tuesday night'súiggeú mega-millions draw with theúggeú jackpot now at $356 million.úgeú the odds of winning are areúúgeú 175 million to 1."ú are areúúgeú according to a book by csu eastú bay professor mike orkin, theú odds of being on a plane with aú drunk pilot are 117 to 1.ú the odds of being struckn byú lightning, 576,000 to 1.ú the odds dating a super model,ú 88,000 to 1.ú of course, if you happen to winú the megamillions, the odds ofú dating a supermodel would likelú
6:55 am
really jump.ú an iconic fashion designerú is showing a timeline of hisú work in a new exhibition nowú open at the deyoung museum inú san francisco.ú jéan-paul gaultier first becameú no one worldwide for his workú with madonna.ú abc7s arts and entertainmentú reporter don sanchez takes usú inside his world.ú >> fashionably dressedú mannequins in designs byú jéan-paul gaultier, they areú different.ú that is him talking.ú the figures talk and sing.ú it's as if the fashions haveú come alive, showing personalityú and character.ú this multi-media show with videú projectors is like the designerú unconventional.ú >> i could show it in anotherú way.ú and it is important for me toú say it through fashion.ú >> raw, chaotic, playful.ú there's an energy here.ú take corset style body suits heú designed for madonna's blondeú
6:56 am
ambition tour in 1990.ú a headdress.ú the man in the mirror is wearinú jacket, pants and a long train.ú >> you walk through the galleryú you are going to see anú incredible amount of diversity.ú on the runway you have all theú short of chic, classic frenchú looks.ú you see the mastery of hisú tayloring.ú and they are with punk rockersú who have sort of the grungeú look.ú you see there in that oneú gallery the range of hisú collection.ú >> gaultier found fashion desigú at age 9.ú his first work was putting hisú famous cone bra on his teddyú bear."ú he said he gets inspiration froú the streets.ú on his first trip toú san francisco in 1980 he saw aú man dressed all in leather.ú you see that influence here.ú >> daring, outrageous,ú provocative, stylish.ú it certainly answers theú question is fashion art?ú the experts say this man is anú artist.ú >> i don't think i am an artistú
6:57 am
honestly i don't see it withú modesty.ú >> he might get arguments onú that.ú 35 years of galtier will be herú through august 19th.ú >> and bogus are talking aboutú hitting that show for sure.ú >> very cool.ú >> whether is very importantú today.ú >> we have a little break rightú now.ú as we look outside you notice iú looks like it's getting a.ú >> lighter out there.ú the official sunrise 7:05.ú this is emeryville.ú but don't be deceived.ú we have more showers out there.ú notice how quickly the rainú moved up and east of the bayú area.ú but there is more to come.ú reason it is moving out is therú is another system on its heels.ú that will generate with a littlú afternoon heating some showers,ú the possibility of aú thunderstorm.ú so we are talking once again aú cool afternoon, breezy, mid,ú maybe a few upper 50s, andú then for tonight it will dry ouú and that will continue intoú monday.ú then rain returns midday tuesdaú into wednesday.ú a wetter, stronger system, andú perhaps a few more raindropsú
6:58 am
thursday and friday.ú so we are still kind of in theú thick of it, dodging a fewú showers.ú >> all right.ú that is going to do it for us.ú thank you for joining us.ú i'm carolyn tyler along withú lisa argen.ú our next newscast starts at 9:0ú this morning.ú you know you can keep track ofú the latest breaking news onú twitter at abc7 news bay area.ú talk all about it at úú good morning america is up next.
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